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— We represent top-tier manufacturers providing custom engineering to the power, petrochemical, and food processing industries that deal with extreme pressures and high corrosion and wear.

Partnering with top-tier manufacturers

  • UCC Environmental logo

    Leader in material handling for coal & ash. Reduce wastewater generation & pollutant emissions.

  • State-of-the-art technology for new or replacement air preheaters for advanced heat recoveries.

  • Clear Stream environmental logo

    Water & wastewater treatment solutions: Clarifiers, Thickeners, Digesters, Biological Processes

  • World leader in medium voltage drives (VFD). Predictive services minimize downtime.

  • World’s largest supplier of sealless canned motor pumps for ANSI, API, ASTM applications.

  • Fox Equipment logo

    Dampers, steel stacks, expansion joints, silencers / noise control equipment for the global market.

  • Clear Stream environmental logo

    High-pressure drop control valve internals to fit into any OEM valve. CCI & BTG parts are stocked.

  • everest logo

    Custom, high quality engineered valves and strainers, can meet ANSI standards.

  • Flowline logo

    High quality valves (ball, butterfly, gate, globe, check) and actuators (pneumatic, electric).

  • Garlock logo

    Mechanical packing, gasketing, bearing isolators, expansion joints, sheet material, and oil seals.

  • Inertech logo

    Form-in-place “Ring Gasket on a Roll”. Expanded TEFLON joint sealant, gasketing, and packing.

  • La Favorite Industries logo

    Manufactures “dogbone” & U-type expansion joints. Flexible connectors & mechanical packing.

  • Solenis logo

    Specialty chemical supplier for wastewater, cooling towers, boilers.

  • Evoqua logo

    Raw water intake screens to meet every application. Over 15,000 installations.

  • Phase 1 logo

    Solidworks 3D designs linked to databases for precision and speed. Drone services for point clouds.

  • Surface enhancements to mitigate corrosion, erosion, and wear. Tungsten carbide, cladding, etc.

  • protectolite logo

    Moulded, reinforced, FRP composites for corrosion resistant, high strength applications.

  • The world leader in pulverized coal, steam generated energy plant technology.

  • Leaders in Leak Detection. Smoke Generators and AccuTrak Ultrasonic Leak Detectors.

  • Sourcing hard-to-find parts from hundreds of manufacturers both domestic and foreign.

  • Fougner Solutions logo

    Glycol testing, ethylene & propylene glycol, closed-loop corrosion inhibitors.

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